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Kokomo Perspective - New Polls Shows Walorski in Dead Heat with Donnelly

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Location: Unknown

By Tim Turner

Less than a week after her endorsement from Sarah Palin, Jackie Walorski has released new polling information that has to have the Donnelly campaign concerned.

"A new poll released today by the American Action Forum shows the race for the Second Congressional District as a statistical dead heat. After five weeks of negative ads from Congressman Donnelly, the poll showed him with a slim 46% to 44% over Republican 2nd Congressional District Candidate Jackie Walorski.

"This echoes what we're hearing as we travel the district," said Walorski. "People are tired of the bailouts, they're tired of the government takeovers, they're tired of the spending, and they're tired of the lack of leadership on the economy. This country is worth fighting for and I'm going to stand up and fight for the people of this district. To this point, Congressman Donnelly's campaign has only been about running negative ads and running as fast as he can away from his record. It's backfired on him and these latest numbers reflect that."

The American Action Forum poll can be found here:

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