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Issue Position: Stimulus Plan, Budget, and Deficit

Issue Position

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The so called stimulus plan was a horrible mistake. It was voted on less than 24 hours after it was printed. Its passage was the largest single spending plan in United States history. It amounted to $862 billion in borrowed money -- an amazing amount that can barely even be conceptualized.

Then President Obama then proposed a $410 billion budget increase on top of that. That, combined with the "Stimulus" will increase the national debt by an unimaginable $7.5 trillion over the next 10 years.

This year's deficit will likely hit $2 trillion, with deficits of at least $1 trillion per year through 2019. We need fiscal conservatives in office in DC, not massive amounts of new deficit spending.

It's time to stop rewarding ineptitude. We are bankrupting the United States for our children and grandchildren. We must reduce spending at all levels of government and live within our means. Any future proposed spending increases must be paid for by reducing other government spending. I will demand a common sense approach to spending. Just like your family and mine approaches its budget: if we don't have it, we can't spend it. Our fiscal security is our national security. If we owe hundreds of billions of dollars to China, run up massive deficits that will trigger catastrophic inflation and continue handing out pork barrel projects to buy votes our very way of life is in peril.

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