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Issue Position: Education

Issue Position

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How many times have you heard someone say she wanted a better life for her children? I've heard it frequently talking to people around the district and to other parents. I want that for my own children and grandchildren -- a better life. For parents, seeing their children get a good education is often a focus for that desire.

If you read about what is going on in Albany, I imagine that like me you are very troubled with the cavalier attitude the state department of education has toward the monies, the concerns, and ultimately the children of New Yorkers. It's time for real, substantive reform. We tell our children that they need to think out of the box. Be creative. Be courageous. Yet, some teachers, unions, and the politicians who are elected to serve the people are refusing to do those same things.

- I support allowing taxpaying parents to keep some of their income by means of a tax-credit if they choose to send their children to a private school or to home school.

- I also support businesses being given a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for any donations made to 501(c)(3) scholarship organizations.

Parents know what educational choices are best for their children. Give them the freedom to make those choices.

When I am your representative I will push for legislation that decreases the role of the federal government in education, demands fiscal accountability from state departments of education in regards to federal monies, and empowers parents to make the best possible decisions for their children's education.

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