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Issue Position: National Security

Issue Position

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Ask any American adult where he was when he learned of the attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, and he will likely tell you not only where he was, but also how he felt. I remember where I was. We've been through a lot as a nation since September 11, 2001. In many ways we are a safer people, yet the waters are still troubled, the threats still lurking.

Our military men and women ask little and sacrifice much. They're on the front lines everyday 24/7 serving and protecting the American people. Our armed forces must be ready to act anywhere in the world where vital national interests are threatened. They can't be in a constant state of readiness if they lack necessary resources.

The "anywhere in the world" includes America. As self-evident as it may seem to you and me, Washington needs to be reminded that security within our borders is as big an issue as the edicts from Tehran and the violence in Kandahar. Americans aren't safe at home if the government isn't protecting our borders and stopping terrorists by any means lawful. Moreover, terrorists need to be treated for what they are -- enemy combatants. As such they are not covered under the U.S. Constitution and aren't entitled to Miranda rights and expensive trials in Manhattan -- courtesy of the American taxpayer.

America must project strength to the world, foe and friend alike. We can't do this if we limit our choices for dealing with the enemy. President Obama has mentioned several times recently that in regards to the economy, all choices are on the table. I believe that the national security interests of the country should be viewed in the same light.

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