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Issue Position: Jobs and Employment

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Jobs are not created by government. Prosperity isn't either. Jobs and prosperity are created by risk-taking entrepreneurs, successful businesses, and hardworking Americans who take pride in what they do. Government can make this process easier or government can make this process harder.

Short of hiring more postal workers and park rangers, the government cannot simply "create" new jobs. I'm sorry to say the actions of Congress and the White House this year have provided a strong disincentive to adding jobs:

* The stimulus bill, if passed, was supposed to hold unemployment below 8 percent. Unfortunately, most of the spending in the bill was for pet projects, state government bailouts, and corporate welfare.
* The cap and trade bill passed by the House could directly lead to the loss of 66,000 in Pennsylvania as electricity prices skyrocket and manufacturers shed jobs.
* The healthcare reform bill introduced in the House would mean $800 billion in new taxes, many of them on small businesses which drive job growth.

In addition to the bills considered this year, Democrats are considering the largest tax increase in American history. If the tax cuts made in 2001 and 2003 are not extended next year, businesses and individuals will see significantly higher tax burdens.

We need a pro-growth agenda in Congress to free employers and entrepreneurs to create new jobs. Reducing taxes and government red tape will free employers to expand their business and their payroll.

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