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Issue Position: Future

Issue Position

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The future belongs to our children, our grandchildren, and those who still believe in American excellence, American greatness, and the greatness of our Country. I believe this Country will thrive, prosper and shine again. The "tax and spend" agenda is NOT an effective means of reviving an economy but an effective means towards high unemployment, redistribution, low standard of living for all, and looming fiscal crisis--this fact has been proven throughout American history. We know what it is like to have a free-enterprise system that creates capital, jobs, affordable debt, and a higher standard of living for all; an economy that represents all Americans and does not attempt to redistribute. President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Carolyn McCarthy and other Democrats have penalized good, honest, hard-working Americans for believing in the American Dream. Some of their harshest legislative blows hit small businesses, the primary source of job creation and the solution to our struggling economy. As Americans living in the greatest Country in the world, we must focus our efforts towards the future, address the problems facing us today and fix this broken system. We can do this by keeping informed, staying involved, and only electing/re-electing government officials that will abide by the Constitution as it was written by our forefathers, who will institute pro-growth tax policies and reign in government spending. I, Fran Becker, will do just that. I believe in creating jobs and restoring the American dream for this generation and future generations. I will bring to Washington the experience and ability to restore fiscal sanity, accountability, and end the incompetence.

Let's dream a new dream and fight day and night to take back our Country!

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