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Issue Position: Energy

Issue Position

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First and foremost, we need to FREE OUR COUNTRY FROM FOREIGN DEPENDENCE ON ENERGY (the fifth priority in my FIVE POINT PLAN) and their monopoly on our entire standard of living. To do this, we must have an "all of the above" energy policy. This means the development of ALL resources of energy. Of course, as I believe we are stewards of our planet, this energy must be produced in an environmentally-safe way, using technology and fact-based science. As we develop these alternate energy sources, we must protect our natural resources for future generations. Wind and Solar energy are nice, clean sources--and we should expand their use--but they are not enough to power our economy. Our great Country has vast quantities of oil, coal, shale and natural gas. The problem is not a lack of resources but the limitations placed on the extraction of these resources. By increasing our production of domestic energy sources, we will create productive JOBS which will stimulate other sectors of our economy. As we've seen now for months in the Gulf of Mexico, no one was prepared to stop a leak 5,000 feet below the surface. This environmental catastrophe could have been avoided if drilling was allowed on land in ANWR in the northeast corner of Alaska and in the shallower depths of the continental shelf. We also must look into building safe nuclear plants. Many other countries have been building and running safe nuclear power plants for decades and it is time for our Country to look to their example.

I oppose 'Cap and Trade' and any of its comparably misguided offspring. 'Cap and Trade' is the last bullet in the Liberal arsenal to complete their plan for total control of our Country.

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