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Issue Position: Healthcare

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

ObamaCare is imposing taxes on insurance companies, businesses and individuals. I believe it is necessary to REPEAL THE OBAMACARE TAX INCREASES because they will ultimately kill job creation (this is my 4th priority in my FIVE POINT PLAN). Businesses will not hire additional employees if they will have to pay additional taxes for each employee they hire. These new taxes on the insurance companies and businesses will be passed along to consumers by increases in insurance premiums and sales prices of goods and services. Most of the progressives want you to believe that you won't pay for these hidden tax increases. The truth is that businesses don't pay taxes; they collect them and remit to the government. Among other tax increases, ObamaCare will reduce the medical expense itemized deduction, so people who deduct their medical expenses will pay higher taxes as a result. There are other hidden costs and tax increases buried in this 2400 page monstrosity and it must be repealed before it has a chance to further cripple a struggling economy.

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