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Verdict on Current Economic Policies: More Job Loss

Press Release

Location: New Lenox, IL

Unemployment higher in 11th District since Stimulus bill

Reacting to the most recent monthly employment data showing job loss increased in the 11th District on the heels of a string of disappointing economic reports, congressional candidate Adam Kinzinger said the current economic policies pushed by the Congress and the Administration have failed and have not spurred job creation. He called for new policies that provide employers with certainty by maintaining the current level of taxation for families and businesses and opposing job-killing new regulations.
"Last Spring, Congresswoman Halvorson said that her support of the Stimulus bill would create 'an estimated 8600 new jobs' in our district in the near future," said Kinzinger an Air Force Captain who has served five tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. "In fact, almost one and a half year after Rep. Halvorson voted for the Stimulus bill, unemployment is higher in the 11th District. Our families are still coping with significant job loss while now having to bear the additional burden of greater federal debt."

"Rather than allowing employers to plan for the future by pledging to not increase taxes and encouraging investment, the Pelosi Congress and the Administration have pursued job-killing policies like cap and trade- which will greatly increase energy costs, a massive healthcare overhaul and spending that has produced record deficits further burdening the economy," continued Kinzinger. "Even their Stimulus Bill that was rammed through Congress has failed to create economic growth, but did add to our nation's crushing debt."

"Rep. Halvorson has been a loyal supporter of these job-killing policies and she and the Congress should be held accountable for how they have failed the American people and employers. I renew my call for her to join me in pledging not to increase the tax burden on American families and businesses and to allow businesses to plan for future growth by keeping taxes at their current levels."

Unemployment statistics released yesterday showed that the jobless rate has increased in six of the eight counties in the 11th District, as well as the district as a whole. Today, the Commerce Department revised its previous estimate for economic growth (GDP) in April 20101- June 2010 to a meager 1.6% annual rate, a pace too slow to create jobs and dashing hopes of an economic recovery. Adding to the dismal economic news, new home sales in the nation fell 12.4% to the lowest level on record while durable goods orders rose only .3% falling disappointingly short of the anticipated 3% growth.

Earlier in the campaign, Adam Kinzinger laid out a plan with five elements for getting the economy moving again including: eliminating business uncertainty, extending existing tax relief, encouraging business investment, ending unnecessary spending, and embarking on energy independence.

"Families in this district and around America have struggled through these difficult economic times", said Kinzinger. "They have correctly expected government to do everything possible to spur job growth and encourage economic recovery. Rep. Halvorson's plan of spurring the economy by hiring temporary census workers (WVLI Radio, 6/11/10) has failed to create real job growth just as the $800 billion Stimulus Bill failed to bring the 8600 jobs she promised it would. Families continue to suffer, while Halvorson and the Pelosi Congress outsource workers right into the unemployment line."

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