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Marino Response To Carney Campaign's Misleading Attacks on Social Security


Location: Williamsport, PA

Following a press release from Chris Carney's campaign in which Carney falsely accused Marino of supporting the elimination of Social Security, Tom Marino issued the following statement.

"Yet again, Chris Carney has decided to resort to personal attacks and innuendo rather than talking straight about the issues that are important to the people of the 10th Congressional District. During a recent radio interview, I was commenting on what may happen to Social Security if nothing is done to fix it. I made it very clear that I will never support any reduction in benefits for people currently on Social Security and am fully committed to making Social Security solvent for future generations.
Let's be clear. Chris Carney, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and their cronies have raided and drained the Social Security Trust Fund to help pay for their big government agenda. They have created this problem.

If Chris Carney wants to talk about issues that are important to senior citizens, let's talk about the fact that he joined Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi in supporting a 500 billion dollar cut in Medicare. As your next Congressman, I will fight to save Social Security for future generations. Shortly after Labor Day, I will be introducing a plan which will make Social Security solvent. This plan will include banning the use of Social Security funds for any other budget item."

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