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Saving Jobs From Going Overseas


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Dear Friend,

At a time of high unemployment, it is vital that we do everything in our power to protect American jobs for American workers. Recently, it was reported that the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) would be spending $10 million in taxpayer dollars to train workers in South Asia to take over American jobs in the IT industry. This is a completely unacceptable use of taxpayer funds, and I will continue fighting against any plans to outsource American jobs.

USAID plans to provide 3,000 Sri Lankan workers with English language proficiency classes as well as training in IT skills, call center support, and business process outsourcing. Upon completion of the program, the newly-trained South Asian workers will be placed with American companies looking to outsource American jobs and take advantage of the region's cheap labor. To make matters worse, these individuals are brought to the United States and the soon-to-be-outsourced American employees actually have to train the foreign workers in how to take over their job.

This is absurd. I have called on USAID to end the program and plan on introducing legislation to cut off the program's funding. We shouldn't spend one penny of taxpayer money, much less $10 million, to encourage outsourcing. I will do all I can to ensure that this unacceptable use of funds is stopped and American jobs stay here, where they belong.

Please know that I consider protecting American jobs to be my most important priority, and I will continue to fight each day for the middle-class families of the 8th District.


Patrick J. Murphy


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