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Public Statements - New Independent Survey Puts Zaun Ahead by 10 Points

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A survey released on August 23 shows challenger Brad Zaun leading 14-year incumbent Leonard Boswell by a 10 point margin, 51 to 41.

The survey, conducted August 16-18, 2010, by respected pollster Whit Ayers for American Action Forum, asked 400 likely voters their views on the race in Iowa's 3rd Congressional District. The survey found Zaun leading Boswell by a 51 to 41 percent margin.

Zaun stated, "This survey is a solid reflection of what I hear at events all around our district. People are tired of Congressman Boswell's approach of spend, spend and then spend some more. They want to put an end to out of control spending, and get Americans back to work."

"Voters know there is a big difference between Congressman Boswell and me," Zaun added. "They are all too familiar with his brand of politica. . . .go along to get along. He has supported Nancy Pelosi over 98% of the time in return for pork barrel spending that drives our deficits and debt to record levels. He claims to have added jobs, but all he's done is added trillions to the charge account."

"Voters know that when I go to Washington, there will be a new direction. I'll stop runaway spending. I'll make sure there is transparency so we trust that the federal government isn't wasting our hard earned tax dollars. They can trust me to do what it takes to get this economy moving again with real jobs that support our families," Zaun concluded.

For a copy of the survey findings, please go to:

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