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Congressman Boswell Plays 'Go Along to Get Along,' Protects the Establishment in Washington

Brad Zaun, candidate for Iowa's 3rd Congressional District, made the challenge today for Congressman Boswell to follow through on Speaker Pelosi's most famous, and unfulfilled, promises to 'end the culture of corruption' and 'drain the swamp.'

Zaun stated, "Congressman Boswell has proven that he follows the lead of the Speaker, supporting her agenda over 98% of the time in Congress. Unfortunately, the Pelosi-Boswell agenda hasn't included the kinds of strong ethics reforms they promised. Rather than 'drain the swamp, they've only managed to make it deeper."

"Congressman Boswell has yet to answer the calls to return $53,000 in campaign contributions from Representative Charlie Rangel, the embattled former head of the Ways and Means Committee. Congressman Boswell has yet to take a stand on the serious ethics charges against Representative Maxine Waters, who yesterday cancelled events in Des Moines for later this week. Congressman Boswell's attitude is a perfect example of 'go along to get along,'" Zaun added.

As the QC Times Editorial Board wrote on Aug 14, 2010:

"...It's this business-as-usual response to a burgeoning ethics investigation that epitomizes all that is wrong with Congress. Rangel is charged with strong-arming lobbyists for contributions; skirting taxes on an island resort home; hiding thousands in unreported income and enjoying rent-controlled New York City apartments and other improper perks."

"Trust in Congress is at an all-time low," Zaun stated. "People distrust Congress because what they see is the Establishment protecting its own at all costs. Unfortunately, Leonard Boswell would rather protect his powerful friends than his constituents in Iowa."

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