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The Register Citizen - Blumenthal Tours Altek: Says Small Business Will Drive Job Growth

News Article

Location: Torrington, CT

By Mike Agogliati

Attorney general and Senate candidate Richard Blumenthal toured Altek Electronics Inc. and touted small business as an important force to grow jobs in the state.

"This is family business that has grown steadily over the years," Blumenthal said. "Small business will be the engine that drives job growth for the future."

Altek has been growing since 2000, when the company had about 45 employees, according to company president Richard Razza.

"We have been hiring people right along, and now we have over 140 people currently working for us," Razza said.

Razza led Blumenthal on a tour of the 53,000 square foot facility, and the candidate met with several different employees in the hour long visit.

Altek makes electronic parts that are used in elevators, mammography machines and automobile GPS devices. The company also has a military contract and makes joy-stick controllers that are used in fighter jets.

"It's amazing how many of them we get back that have bullet holes in them or that are so worn from officers flying so much," Razza commented to Blumenthal.

Blumenthal also spoke about the "Made in Connecticut and Made in America" campaigns to purchase items that are made locally instead of overseas.

"The movement to buy goods that are made in Connecticut and made in the United States is an important one," Blumenthal said. "It is especially important when it comes to our national security."

The Attorney General spoke about standing up for small businesses in the state, saying, "I have fought for working people, and have earned their trust before and I will continue to do the same if I am elected as Senator."

"I want to be there for the people of the state," Blumenthal said. "I will be there for you no matter how large or small the problem is. I have lived and worked by the them of getting things done, and getting them done right."

When asked about education in the state, Blumenthal said, "We need to start holding out schools accountable and in turn the government accountable for providing the resources for the schools."

Blumenthal said in speaking to businesses he has visited so far, that a lack of skilled workers is a concern for employers. He said that the schools in the state need to start educating children in the skills that are needed in the job force now.

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