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Issue Position: Crime

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Three-Strikes Law for Felony Violent Crimes
DONE IN 2006!

The three-strikes law in California has been successful in getting violent and "career" offenders off the streets and was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court. Arizona should enact a similar measure.

*NOTE: I sponsored a three-strikes law during my first term. While that bill didn't pass, it helped lay the groundwork for the bill that ultimately passed. I worked with the sponsor, committee chairman and others to help make the bill strong, but fair.

Checkmark - Better Protection for Victims of Domestic Violence/Stalkers

Too many times someone (usually a woman) is stalked by someone who just won't stop and who is clever enough to leave little direct evidence. The victim is sometimes told that it is "just your word against theirs" and nothing substantive is done.

*NOTE: I'm personally aware of situations where evidence exists that could prove the victim is telling the truth, but is told it is "too expensive" to process the evidence.

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