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Issue Position: Making Conservative Principles Work!

Issue Position

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"Issues that have guided me in Public Office"

Anyone who has had his eyes and ears open during the latter half of the 20th century has learned that markets work much better than governments. Additionally, a serious student of history realizes that no nation can succeed without strong families, strong law enforcement, an atmosphere of patriotism, strong national defense, a strong work ethic, and respect for high standards and high achievement. These are the principles that have guided me in public office.

As Attorney General my top three priorities would be the following:

1.Secure the Borders
2.Create a Climate Favorable to Economic Growth to Attract Jobs
3.Keep our Homes and Communities Safe

Examples of what I would do as Attorney General to deal with the border and illegal immigration include:

* Reopen the Douglas office, which was closed, and beef up the Nogales office, which was reduced to one person.
- Promote partnerships with other law enforcement agencies to combat illegal immigration.
- Pressure the federal government to finish the wall along the border.
- Expand the civil remedies office, which seizes assets from smugglers and money launderers.
As Attorney General, I received an 'A' rating by the National Rifle Association. I am 100% committed to uphold all 2nd Amendment Rights.

As Attorney General, I would be 100% committed to enforce any pro life bill that is or becomes law. As a legislator, I voted to restrict abortion, including voting to ban partial birth abortion and to require parental consent (H.B. 2113 4/08/97; S.B. 1238 2/23/oo.).

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