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Rep. Kirkpatrick Celebrates 75th Anniversary Of Social Security, Recommits To Fighting Risky Plan To Privatize Vital Program

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Representative Ann Kirkpatrick, who has been a champion for preserving Social Security for Greater Arizona's seniors, released the following statement in honor of today's 75th anniversary of the Social Security Act being signed into law:

"For 75 years, Social Security has given Americans who work hard and pay into the system financial security and peace of mind. We need to defend and strengthen this program, for this generation and the next - our children and our grandchildren deserve to have access to this critical protection.

"But Washington Republicans are threatening to end the program as we know it, privatizing Social Security and putting every cent of our savings in the unpredictable stock and bond markets. This would put the benefits our state's seniors paid for their whole working lives into the hands of the Wall Street CEOs who are largely responsible for our economic downturn. They cannot be trusted, now or ever, with our future -- that's why Arizonans from both parties have made it clear that they oppose this proposal.

"Social Security is not perfect, and there are challenges to its long-term solvency that Washington cannot keep avoiding. We should have an honest debate about every serious option to improve the program -- but these changes cannot and should not put Arizona seniors at risk. I will battle every step of the way to stop plans that gamble with Social Security, and in this recession everyone knows this plan is a huge gamble."

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