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Rep. Kirkpatrick Says Proposed Lead Ammunition Ban Is Knee-jerk Reaction We Cannot Afford

Press Release

Location: Prescott, AZ

Representative Ann Kirkpatrick today released the following statement in response to the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) and similar groups petitioning the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ban all lead ammunition:

"In these tough economic times, we cannot afford knee-jerk reactions like this. The ban would be a huge burden to our hunters and sportsmen, and I am concerned that this is basically an end-run around their Second Amendment rights. There has to be a body of scientific evidence illustrating beyond a doubt that this is a grave issue of concern before we jump to proposed solutions -- we shouldn't leap into addressing a problem that may be no problem at all."


The EPA today rejected a petition by CBD and several other organizations to ban lead shot and bullets under the Toxic Substance Control Act. They had filed earlier this month, despite the fact that the law was written to specifically bar the agency from regulating ammunition.

Rep. Kirkpatrick has a long track record of successfully defying the White House and Congressional leadership to maintain and protect the Second Amendment. Last March, the Congresswoman sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder opposing any reinstatement of the so-called "assault weapons" ban, in an effort that won the praise of the National Rifle Association (NRA). She later helped push through an NRA- and Gun Owners of America-endorsed amendment to strengthen protections for law-abiding gun owners in national parks, and was part of a bipartisan coalition of Members of Congress who filed a brief with the Supreme Court insisting that the Bill of Rights protects guns owners against state and local government restrictions in the McDonald v. Chicago case.

Rep. Kirkpatrick has also been working to make progress on bills to allow people to travel with their firearms more easily and to let Veterans keep weapons they found serving abroad as souvenirs of their service. Further, she has been a staunch opponent of the creation of a federal gun registration database, co-sponsoring a resolution declaring that such a law would be unconstitutional.

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