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Issue Position: Media Ethics

Issue Position

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An obligation doesn't always infer lawfulness or rights. Humanity like the press is bound to ethical obligations, otherwise society would be chaos. Just because something is Constitutional or isn't against the law, doesn't remove the ethical obligations.

Such is the Libertarian stance on our current drug laws. As we want them removed, we don't encourage drug use, as we understand the negative impact of a drug induced society. We also understand the negative impacts of a business, in this instance the press, who purports and alleges to be an informative information source, yet continually reports anything from half truths to misinformation to outright lies- whether purposefully or accidentally.

Media Ethics include- by their own code- an objective, factual accounting of events.

Do we not hold a restaurant accountable if they serve us cold food? it's not illegal.

Do we not hold a school accountable if our children don't learn to read? it's not illegal- obviously.

But we do hold them accountable as it is their ethical obligation to do what one purports to be doing.

When do we start as a community to hold our newspapers accountable for the truth and the whole story and all of the facts. The Blandford camp has started, and we hope you will join us in our fight!

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