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Issue Position: Personal Responsibility

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

Personal Responsibility=Freedom


The theme we are communicating is Personal Liberty is achieved through Personal Responsibility. Through our message we are also allowing everyone the dignity to arrive at these conclusion their own way (Democrat, Liberal, Republican, Libertarian) at their own pace. Meaning, sooner or later you will understand that the Calvary is you. And that if you really want to do something about the world; look in the mirror. This DOES NOT mean that I am presenting the illusion that I am the paragon of all that is holy, that I am the model of virtue and will never sin. Far from it, however; I monitor my behavior, do my best to follow my instinct for correct actions and admit my mistakes. Simple.

Through this message it is important for us to empower the voter. It is important for us to communicate that they are taking actions to improve their lives. That I am not the Panacea, but that they are.

The American people need to educate themselves on the government's monetary policy. When they do, they will support the Blandford for Congress campaign and all Libertarians call to End the Federal Reserve Bank.

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