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Issue Position: Welfare

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Government dependency equals legalized slavery. As tough as that may be to hear and as controversial as it may be to say, it is unequivocally true and about time someone stood up for mankind and said it loud and clear. Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day; teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime. Let us stop punishing productivity in order to reward the unproductive. This only encourages more unproductive behavior. Why should a man work when his government tells him that he is unable, or that it owes him something for his inabilities? There is no pride built upon accepting something for nothing, there is only shame and delinquency. Let society urge his fellow man toward his independence, toward his freedom-,and toward his equality of justice and pursuits of happiness.

In 1996 Congress reduced federal welfare benefits and cut millions of recipients from the welfare rolls. At the time, many predicted that cutting welfare would increase poverty. The opposite occurred. When people left the welfare rolls, poverty fell--often dramatically--for every racial category and age group, including children. In every year following 1996, the poverty rate has remained lower than at any point in the 17 years leading up to welfare reform. That fact suggests that the federal government had induced otherwise able-bodied people to become dependent on welfare.

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