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Issue Position: Immigration

Issue Position

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Supply and demand dictates that where there is an economic void that needs to be filled, that void will be filled by any means necessary. Fighting America's needs for low skilled, low wage labor creates chaos and frustration for Americans and immigrants alike.

Despite assumption to the contrary, there are no legal channels for hard working, honest Mexican and Central American workers to enter the United States for employment. By simplifying the immigration process, which is too costly and bureaucratic, we could grant temporary work visas to honest, willing immigrants. This process would expand the number of visas necessary to fill in the employment void, as well as drastically decrease the security breaches on our border. These visas would ensure that the immigrants working are cleared through security, documented, and contributing to the system the same as every law abiding American citizen.

This same system was implemented in the 1950's through the Bracero program. Congress increased the security on the border, then implemented the Bracero temporary work visa program, which decreased border arrests by 95%. This program would also decrease the stress and fiscal waste on our border security.

When we insist that these low skilled jobs be saved for Americans, we forget that we are limiting the growth and productivity of innovative US companies, who are then forced to look overseas for a capable and willing work force. Therefore, immigration reform would promote and increase economic innovation, long term growth, lawfullness, family cohesion, industriousness, and enhanced border security.

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