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Issue Position: Military

Issue Position

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The United States military is the most powerful military force on this planet, and this unique position has helped to protect the people of this country assuring maximum liberty and travel within the borders with little interference. It has protected the openness of trade and the noninterference in international affairs, and we have encouraged our allies to scale back their level of international involvement in favor of our protection.

However, our current strategy is still based on a cold war era model of a world wide empire. With the massive number of military bases worldwide we are currently policing the world while bankrupting our nation. Our recent policy has irritated allies and damaged our worldwide reputation. What once was the American ideal of non-interventionism seems to have become one continual imperialistic fight against tyranny of all forms.

Regardless of where you stand on the issue of right and wrong, you can not shy away from the facts of bankruptcy, which is where all of the trillions of dollars of military spending is going to get us. If we can barely secure our own borders, how can we seriously attempt to secure the borders of every tyrannical nation on earth without dire consequences to our financial stability?

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