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Issue Position: Fiscal Policy

Issue Position

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Republicans and Democrats have shown through their actions that they have no real incentive to cut spending. In the past few decades Republicans and Democrats alike have enlarged both the size of the Federal government and the costs associated with running it. They have forfeited any claim to fiscal responsibility, and we are all tired of their broken promises. Creating a constitutional amendment mandating a strict maximum federal budget deficit or a monetary neutral yearly federal budget to ensure the abuses of taxpayer funds ends will ensure that our future and the future of this country will not be usurped by special interest groups, lobbyists, crooked politicians, and giant, government protected unions.

Left unchecked, the profligate spending of our two major parties can bankrupt this great nation. America has enjoyed a unique place in the world because of our economic and social freedom. This increasing debt presents a threat to both our prosperity and our way of life. Not only will this growing debt create the incentive for politicians to engage in confiscatory taxation, the methods of taxation will encroach even further into our daily lives. Promoting real fiscal responsibility ensures that the dollar will remain sound and trusted by the world as the currency for international trade.

In addition to guarding against future taxation, I will work to preserve an environment where wages, benefits, and pensions are created fairly between employers and employees, thereby ensuring the competitive advantage that American businesses and corporations maintained before economy crippling progressive taxes and regulations drove our industry overseas. A competitive market, which is a free enterprise market, creates the most variety of goods and delivers them at the best price for the consumer. I want our economy and our businesses to serve consumers so instead of focusing on wage and pension guarantees like progressive unionized labor, I will focus on creating a more open economic environment that will deliver the necessary goods for society at prices affordable to all, and insure that all Americans can gain the benefits of their labors, instead of the connected few.

The main roadblock to financial solvency is the growing threat of insolvency in a few major programs and our politicians' refusal to address them. One lesson we should all take from the current situation in Greece is that promises are only as good as our ability to honor them. Our unfunded obligations from Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Veteran's Benefits, and Government Pensions amount to over $104 trillion dollars. At 100 million dollars a day it would take over 3,000 years to pay back that obligation. We need an honest an open assessment of our ability to continue funding these programs and the ways in which we can address shortfalls.

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