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Holland Discusses Jobs and Schools in Pittsburg

Location: Pittsburgh, KS

Tom Holland, candidate for Kansas Governor, was in Southeast Kansas today to talk with local leaders and discuss the need to continue investing in Kansas' public schools and workforce training centers.

The following is an excerpt of his remarks, as prepared for delivery:

"Companies want to locate in states with a well trained workforce and outstanding schools. So we will bring good paying jobs to Kansas by investing in our classrooms and technical training programs.

"The workforce training programs underway in Southeast Kansas are a model for the type of investments we need to be making across the state. I've supported these economic development efforts in the state legislature, and I will continue these commitments as governor.

"Senators Brownback and Colyer say they support public schools, but actions speak louder than words. This year Senators Brownback and Colyer cast votes which would have punched a $500 million hole in the state budget. If Brownback and Colyer had been successful, the state would have had to cut $500 million from school funding. That would have resulted in thousands of teachers being laid off while our students struggled to learn in overcrowded classrooms.

"Now, Sam Brownback has said he wants to "change' the school finance formula and go back to the type of formula Kansas had in the 1980s. Going back to the 1980s style of school funding would mean significantly higher local property taxes which would be devastating to the taxpayers and businesses in Southeast Kansas. We cannot prepare for the future by reliving the mistakes of the past."

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