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Darr Opponent Endorsed by Big Labor; Darr Responds

Press Release

Location: Rogers, AR

Conservative small business owner and Republican Nominee for Lieutenant Governor Mark Darr released the following statement regarding Senator Shane Broadway's endorsement by the liberal AFL-CIO:

"It is no surprise that Big Labor would endorse the candidate of Big Government," Darr stated. "I declined the opportunity to meet with the AFL-CIO at their annual convention. As a small business owner, I understand that the policies of Big Labor have a detrimental effect on job growth and unnecessarily increase the cost of doing business," Darr continued. "During this campaign season, I have traveled the state laying out plans to put Arkansans back to work, not pandering to special interest groups. I'll continue to do the same when elected."

Darr added, "The AFL-CIO's endorsement of Senator Broadway should be of concern to business owners across the state. The AFL-CIO has lobbied hard in support of "card check' legislation which would do away with the employee secret ballot and greatly increase union influence. Arkansas has the second-lowest union membership rate in the country. Many companies in heavily unionized states are now looking to relocate to states like ours due to burdensome union contracts. Arkansas' leadership should promote economic freedom and opportunity, not be a mouthpiece for union bosses."

"The AFL-CIO has already spent millions of dollars trying to influence our elections, but Arkansas voters are smarter than that. As Lieutenant Governor, I will promote a pro-business agenda, not the agenda of the AFL-CIO," Darr concluded.

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