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Can the President Really Grant Amnesty Without Legislative Action?


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The administration seems to think it is acceptable to enact "comprehensive immigration reform" through backdoor means in order to avoid any kind of legislative debate and discussion.

This does nothing but put the interests of those who violate our laws ahead of those who follow them, and is why I wrote a letter - with my colleague Rep. Candice Miller (MI) -- to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. Read the letter here.

Click here to listen to Rep. Bilirakis on the Schnitt Show.

A recently disclosed memo titled "Administrative Alternatives to Comprehensive Immigration Reform" lays out several options that would "result in meaningful immigration reform absent legislative action."

To grant amnesty to entire classes of illegal immigrants undermines our immigration laws, and is a slap in the face to those who go through the process of entering our country legally. And to do this by skipping the legislative process is wrong.

Backdoor amnesty certainly is not something I, nor many of my colleagues support, and Congress deserves to have the opportunity to address this.

This administration continues to put the interests of illegal immigrants ahead of legal immigrants and hard-working citizens. The Justice Department has filed a lawsuit against Arizona for simply creating a state crime out of an issue that is already a federal crime. The administration won't take action against "sanctuary cities" that refuse to cooperate with immigration enforcement laws.

Effective immigration control requires enforcing the borders and eliminating the incentives that encourage individuals to come here illegally. This latest stunt from the administration is not the right path to controlling immigration.

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