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DeGette Responds To Judge's Decision To Block Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

DeGette Responds To Judge's Decision To Block Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Congresswoman Diana DeGette issued the following statement regarding Judge Royce Lamberth's decision to block federal funding of embryonic stem cell research. DeGette and Congressman Michael Castle (R-DE) are the chief architects of bipartisan stem cell legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives.

"Today's ruling from the US District Court is deeply disappointing, as it once again delays groundbreaking treatment and even cures for the millions of patients and their families clinging to the hope of embryonic stem cell research. We strongly disagree with the judge's ruling because, by definition, embryos and stem cells are two entirely different organisms. Today's ruling is the case of one judge ignoring the scientific fact that research on pluripotent stem cells is not the same as research on an embryo.

"Our nation already lost valuable time over the last decade, when we could have been bringing our massive resources and expertise to bear, expanding stem cell research and helping 100 million American patients living with devastating and debilitating diseases. President Obama's executive order last year opened a door to hope and promise for those patients, and today, Judge Lamberth has sadly once again closed that door. Today's ruling underscores why we must pass common-sense embryonic stem cell research legislation, placing these regulations into statute and once and for all, ensuring this critical life-saving research can be conducted for years to come, unimpeded by political whims or naysayers."

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