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On Gender Equity Day, McCain's Dismal Record on Women's Issues Highlighted

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On Gender Equity Day, John McCain must explain his record of voting against women on issues such as equal pay, sexual assault and a woman's right to choose. This stands in stark comparison to the views of his U.S. Senate challenger Rodney Glassman.

McCain voted against the Lily Ledbetter Act, which ensures that women receive equal pay for equal work and expands legal recourse to discrimination in the work place. McCain voted to protect the rights corporations that fail to protect women from sexual assault.

McCain has consistently failed to represent the majority of Arizonans, who favor a woman's right to choose.

"John McCain simply doesn't get issues important to women and has done nothing to support equality between genders," said Patrick Mellody, campaign manager for Glassman . "He can't say he's a champion of the basic idea of equality, while constantly voting against women in the U.S. Senate."

McCain's challenger, Rodney Glassman, will champion equality and the dignity of women.

"Arizona needs a senator who will represent the people of the state and in the 21st Century. We have moved rightly moved on from the days when discrimination was wrongly encouraged in parts of society," Glassman said. "I look forward to fighting for all Arizonans in the U.S. Senate, while protecting a woman's right to choose and making the workplace a safe place for all women to pursue rewarding careers."

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