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Herron Launches Cuttin' & Creatin' Tour

Press Release

Location: Dresden, TN

Roy Herron Touts Plans for Cutting Waste, Creating Jobs

Congressional candidate Roy Herron launched a 19-county Cuttin' and Creatin' Tour to share his plans for cutting wasteful federal spending and creating jobs.

Herron, who is seeking to represent Tennessee's 8th Congressional District, will host town hall meetings across Middle and West Tennessee to hear the public's ideas and share what he can do to restore fiscal responsibility in Washington and encourage economic growth in Tennessee.

"Families and business owners in Tennessee are struggling because of a sour economy, and Washington is piling a huge load of debt on us, our children and grandchildren," said Herron, a small-town attorney and Christian author. "The time has come to stop the out-of-control spending, rein in the waste and fraud, and balance the federal budget. My experience in Tennessee balancing budgets and working to grow jobs will help me serve you in Washington."

Herron's tour will include visits to the 19 counties in the 8th District. The public is cordially invited. A schedule is available at

"My opponent just engaged in the meanest, nastiest and most expensive smear campaign in the history of Tennessee politics. He didn't even finish his acceptance speech before he started his negative attacks. But I want the people to know that if they want to stop the spending and create jobs -- I'm their man," Herron said.

Herron has championed policies that have made Tennessee one of the top three business-friendly states in the nation. He has led the fight for Tennessee workers with major jobs initiatives such as the Northwest Tennessee Port and Industrial Park, the West Tennessee Jobs Megasite and the Hemlock Semiconductor Plant.

He has also led on jobs-creating road projects, such as Interstate-69, US Highway 79, and other four-lane expansions in West and Middle Tennessee.

Herron said his experience as a part-time citizen legislator will help him best serve our people in working to create economic growth.

A pro-jobs fiscal conservative, Herron has consistently voted for a balanced budget in Tennessee and made the tough cuts needed to keep our state budget balanced.

"I've driven my truck about 400,000 miles. My sons think our family motto should be "waste not, want not,'" Herron said. "If you send me to Washington, I won't forget how I got there or who sent me. I'll spend your money like I spend my own--I'll be tight with it."

Herron, who was recently endorsed by the fiscally conservative Blue Dog Coalition, advocates for common sense earmark reform.

"It is ridiculous to spend $150,000 for a traffic light in New York, $50 million for an indoor rainforest in Iowa and $74 million for shrimp research," Herron said. "In Tennessee we balance our state's budget by making hard spending choices. I support federal pay-as-you-go rules, so Washington will have to live within its means like Tennesseans do. I will push for integrity reviews to identify and eliminate waste, fraud and abuse in the federal budget.

"Adding $1.5 trillion to the debt each year is mortgaging our children's futures and ultimately could do to this country what foreign foes could not: destroy America as we know it. Making cuts will require bipartisan solutions and caring more about our country than one's political party. It doesn't matter if you're a Democrat or Republican, if you forget you're an American," Herron said.

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