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MSNBC "The Ed Show" - Transcript


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SCHULTZ: For more, let"s bring in Florida Congressman Alan Grayson.

Congressman, great to have you with us tonight.


SCHULTZ: If there is one progressive out there who has been aggressive when the righties have told lies it has been you. And you were obviously a congressman who has been successful in business and you"ve gone to Washington without any strings attached other than to represent the people and go for the truth and speak truth to power.

How do you --

GRAYSON: Thank you, Ed.

SCHULTZ: How do you think the White House should handle this thought process that President Obama is still a Muslim, you know, that this is how they say--and now you"ve just seen Republican leadership, they won"t unequivocally say that he"s a Christian.

They"ll just take his word for it and they cut a big swathe for these psycho talkers out there to think that President Obama is a ringleader in the middle of some big problem we have in America.

What do you make of this? How do you handle this?

GRAYSON: It"s just another manifestation of right-wing racism. It"s that simple. Why do we keep talking about these same subjects over and over again? What"s wrong exactly with being a Muslim?

The Constitution in Article 6 specifically says that there shall not be a religious test for any elected officials in America. So what difference does that make exactly? Why are we talking about this?

Because the Republicans are trying to stir up racism, hatred and division all through this country for political gain.

SCHULTZ: What do you make of Mitch McConnell, his response on "MEET THE PRESS" yesterday?

GRAYSON: Mitch McConnell is an enabler. He"s right in the middle of it. This is the way he operates. He"s just as much part of it as anybody else.

SCHULTZ: And what kind of response have you seen in your district and around the country when have you been aggressive on Robert Gibbs and how the messaging of the White House in your opinion has been off base and not on point? What kind of response have you got?

GRAYSON: Well, look, people like a congressman with guts. They like somebody who"s going to fight for the benefit of ordinary people and not get distracted. Just today we"ve had over 6,000 people come to our Money Bomb Web site,, that contributed over $200,000 to our campaign.

This is the way people want it to be. They want Democrats who can fight. Democrats who can throw a punch.

SCHULTZ: There are some political experts who say that the Republicans will win the House. What"s your take on that? I mean, if you look at the bills that the House has passed, they"re aggressive progressive bills that the Senate has either watered down or not even acted on.

It seems to me that if Democrats want to get fired up and progressives want to be appreciative about what is taking place with the party platform, it"s happened in the House. It"s just been stalled in the Senate. Or am I reading this wrong?

GRAYSON: It"s absolutely true. But listen, it"s far worse than that. I would suggest to all Americans they vote Republican if they want to go broke. Vote Republican if you want $4 a gallon gasoline. Vote Republican if you want to see more endless wars 8,000s miles from home.

Vote Republican if you want to take that--what the Republicans did for eight years, bring us to the brink of national bankruptcy, and let them finish the job.

Anybody who feels that way, feel free to vote Republican.

SCHULTZ: Congressman Alan Grayson, always a pleasure. Good to have you with us tonight. Thank you so much.

GRAYSON: Thank you, Ed.


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