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Fox News "On The Record with Greta Van Susteren" - Transcript


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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Ben Quayle just won a crowded Republican primary and is one election from being the U.S. congressman from Arizona's third district. But he still needs to get through Democrat John Hulburd. Will the general election be as wild as Quayle's primary? Ben Quayle joins us live.

Good evening, Ben, and congratulations on winning your crowded field last night.

BEN QUAYLE, R-ARIZ, GOP CANDIDATE FOR CONGRESS: Hi, Greta, thank you very much.

VAN SUSTEREN: Two topics I want to talk to you about. One is your 2015 solution, your promise, and the other is the statement from your opponent today about the dirty dotcoms.

Let's start with your promise first. What is the 2015 solution you are promising the people of Arizona?

QUAYLE: Well, I think right now what we have across the country is families are living within their means and have been able to cut their budgets to meet the decrease in the incomes they have. But the government hasn't been able to do that.

So we need to actually align the incentives of the lawmakers with the budgetary process. So in order to do this we need to freeze staff and member pay along with the executive branch, and if we don't have a 20 percent cut in the budget every year until the budget is actually balanced, then congressional members, their staff, and the executive branch will have a 15 percent haircut in their salaries.

We're going to align the incentives of these people to actually do the jobs to get our budget balanced and in order.

VAN SUSTEREN: I read a press release by your campaign, and it says the president makes $400,000 a year, and under your 2015 solution if there isn't that cut on spending that his salary goes down by $60,000. That's not going to be popular with your new colleagues if you are elected.

QUAYLE: Well, I think we need to have the incentives. These incentives are in the private sector and they work very well. We need to hold Congressional members and the executive branch accountable for the budget that has been exploding in the recent years.

We have a fiscal problem that is going to suffocate any growth we have in the economy if we don't get this under control.

VAN SUSTEREN: The other thing swirling around you before the campaign and alive today by you having won last night. Your now opponent in the general election came out with a statement -- the campaign. It says "This election is between John Hulburd and Brock Landers, between a young man who fabricated a family, degraded women, and then tried to lie about it, and a small businessman and father of five who has been dedicated to his community."

Now, that is coming out -- what is this Did you post there? Did you post the stuff that people say you posted there?

QUAYLE: I've had nothing to do with that website you just talked about. This is about --

VAN SUSTEREN: What about his predecessor?

QUAYLE: This was about a few posts, satirical and fictional posts that were put out and I blog that doesn't even exist anymore three years ago. And it has been run through the wringer.

My opponent is pushing this angle because they are not focused on the issues that we are here in Arizona dealing with. And that's an economy that is slumping and our debt that is out of control and the porous border where Arizona is on the frontline of the influx from the Mexican drug cartels.

VAN SUSTEREN: The predecessor website to, the, are you saying you did post there on that one?

QUAYLE: From the very beginning I've said I made a few comments on a website; they were satirical and fictional in nature on a website that doesn't exist anymore.

VAN SUSTEREN: Degrading to women?

QUAYLE: No, I have never degraded women. I don't think I would ever.

This is the thing that is happening. The unfortunate part of this getting blown out of proportion is a truly distasteful website is getting a lot of attention and hits. It is sad, because it is a website [that] is repugnant.

VAN SUSTEREN: I haven't gone to the website. One last question, and I don't mean to belabor this, but how long [ago] was this? Assuming that if I read it and I didn't like it as a voter if you did it last week as opposed to several years ago it would make a difference to me. How long ago were your fictional postings?

QUAYLE: This was three, four years ago.

VAN SUSTEREN: OK, anyway, you want to come to Washington. You got a campaign in a heavily Republican district. And you are going to cut spending, that's one of the big parts of your platform?

QUAYLE: I think the three top issues for people here in Arizona are spending and the porous borders that we have when we have a government that actually sues us instead of helping us, and getting our economy back on track.

Arizona was hit really hard during this housing crisis, and we don't see any uptick in the economy so we can have robust job growth and economic growth because of the policies that are coming out of D.C. are hammering that because businesses are just sitting there, afraid of what their costs are going to do to increase the cost to run their businesses.

VAN SUSTEREN: Ben, thank you very much for joining us. Good luck, sir.

QUAYLE: Thanks, Greta.

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