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Public Statements - Conway Speaks on the Issues in Bowling Green

News Article

Location: Bowling Green, KY

Last week we previewed Kentucky's U.S. Senate race by speaking with Republican Rand Paul.

Tuesday night, 170 people showed up in Bowling Green to hear Paul's opponent, Democrat Jack Conway.

We asked him about some of the same issues we talked with his opponent about.

As far as the country's deficit, Conway says his oppenent doesn't specifically say what he'll do this year to help.

"If people will go to, they can check out that I have five specific plans," said Conway. "Five specific plans that will actually shave nearly a half trillion dollars off of the deficit."

Conway says he knows job loss is a large concern for Kentuckians, and he wants to help change that.

"Our hometown tax credit according to analysts would create eleven thousand jobs across the Commonwealth of Kentucky," said Conway. "We basically say to businesses, we say we're going to give you a tax credit for creating a net new job, and this is a way not to have the government spend and create jobs but instead to create incentives for the private sector."

Coal is also a part of Kentucky that Conway says is important.

"I'm against Cap and Trade," said Conway. "Always have been against Cap and Trade. I've been consistent on this issue. I worked for an energy governor. I've chaired energy task forces. I know that coal needs to be an important part of energy generation into the future."

Conway says his opponent wants to end the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Farm Bill.

"Rand Paul just doesn't fundamentally get Kentucky," said Conway. "Three quarters of the Farm Bill goes to school nutrition programs. That's 500,000 Kentucky kids on free and reduced lunch. He doesn't understand that the farmers in Southern and Western Kentucky depend on the U.S. Department of Agriculture for crop insurance programs."

As far as immigration, Conway says we need to increase border security and be "tough, sensible, and fair."

When it comes to the mosque in New York City he feels we should lean more towards the sensitivities of the 9/11 families.

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