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Issue Position: Budget and Spending

Issue Position

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Making the state live within its means.
In recent legislative sessions, we've tried to make state agencies more responsible in how they spend by adopting program based budgeting, which basically means that agencies must set and demonstrate progress towards goals, rather than simply ask for more money each year. We've made good progress with this, and I continue to push for adoption of zero-based budgeting as well. This is an approach in which agencies must justify their budget requests from the ground up, rather than simply as for continuations of funding.

I'm also proud to note that during my tenure to date, Georgia has advanced significantly in the ranks of the most fiscally disciplined and best managed states. We are among the very lowest states in spending per capita, and we are among the eight best run state governments. We are also one of less than ten states that still have a AAA bond rating, despite the recession. Georgia needs this focus to be maintained, so that we don't mortgage our future with debt and higher taxes. Keeping the budget under control will also give us the added benefit of making our state a more attractive, desirable place for business to start in or relocate to, which will create more jobs and offer a brighter future for all.

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