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Issue Position: Health Care

Issue Position

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We are facing one of the most serious threats to individual freedom and our free market system with the proposed Obama Health Care Plan. For the past decade I have taught seminars on health and wellness around the country and I have always believed that as individuals we must be responsible for own health. All we have to do is take lessons from the countries that have passed socialized medicine and it's clear that in the long run it stifles innovation and costs lives. There are problems that need to be dealt with but government is rarely the answer and oftentimes the problem.

At the state level I believe among other things we should reduce or eliminate taxes on health care, open state borders and pass more comprehensive tort reform. I think it's troublesome that my wife's grandfather, a second generation surgeon who has a day named in honor of him in Griffin, GA, had to retire because he could no longer run a profitable practice due to the exorbitant price of malpractice insurance. The silver lining is that he now spends his time on medical missions around the world but for many others this is not an option. Good doctors should not be thrown out of work because of the threat of frivolous lawsuits.

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