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Pat Quinn's Illinois: No Jobs, No Reform

Press Release

Location: Chicago, IL

Republican Gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady today said Governor Pat Quinn's firing of the state's Executive Inspector General on the very day he learned of an ethics probe involving his chief of staff suggests he's focused on politics, not jobs during our fiscal crisis.

"In the middle of a recession, people need a governor focused on creating jobs and cleaning up state government," said Brady. "Instead, Governor Quinn has gone down the same road of his predecessors - ethical lapses, investigations, and protecting political insiders at taxpayer expense."

"Illinois lost 20 thousand jobs last month alone," he said. "This latest revelation proves we won't ever solve our fiscal crisis under a governor consumed by politics, not jobs," he said.

Questions over the firing of the state's top ethics official are the latest in a string of published reports that call into question the Governor's commitment to government reform, and the priorities of his Administration.

Previous examples include:

· Secret pay raises for political appointees, including his Budget Director

· Questionable use of official state time and resources for his political campaign

· Supporting the honesty and integrity of convicted Governor Rod Blagojevich months after federal officials revealed their investigation

· Quietly signing a video poker bill to allow known criminals into gambling against the recommendation of the Gaming Commission

· Failing to support the recommendations of his own reform commission

· Keeping a majority of Rod Blagojevich's officials in top government positions

· Vetoing McPier reforms

Brady (R-Bloomington) is a small business owner who has represented his community as state Senator since 2002. He is running for governor to bring a clean break to Illinois and build a job-growing environment. More information can be found at bradyfor

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