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Costa Can Be Beat

Press Release

Location: Hanford, CA

Poll shows Vidak a solid challenge to Rep. Jim Costa (D)

Real Clear Politics poll shows the 20th Congressional District race is anything but a lock for Rep. Jim Costa (D). Challenger Andy Vidak (R) has mounted a competitive campaign gathering momentum evidenced by his ability to raise over $230,000 by the end of the second quarter.

Increasing dissatisfaction with the performance of the Obama policies and Congressional approval falling to a low of 20 percent has opened the door to the turnover of what is known as a Democratic stronghold in California's Central Valley.

Costa recently returned from Washington DC, having been called back by Nancy Pelosi's vote on a $26.1 billion bailout bill. "Voting in lock step with the White House, Pelosi, and Reid, Costa has exhibited a disconnect with the average everyday people located in the San Joaquin Valley," states Vidak, " It is as if the Democrats don't hear our voices or care that we don't support the massive bailouts that have spun our economy into record breaking deficits."

Sold as a bailout to the states unable to meet their Medicare obligations and a stop gap to the layoff of teachers in an effort to balance state's budgets, the unintended consequence of the "State's Bailout" are the tough choices that the states are required to make dig themselves out of insolvency are once again avoided.

An additional consequence of the so called "Teacher Bailout" is the infusion of an estimated $100 million in dues to the teacher unions which will, in turn, funnel cash into endangered Democratic Congressional and Senate races. "This is a real sleight of hand political payoff," Vidak declares, "It is as if they think we don't read, listen, or even critically think and won't figure out what's going on."

Andy Vidak is a candidate for the U.S. Congress in the 20th Congressional district committed to carrying the Valley's voice to Washington DC. Learn more at

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