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An Inconvenient Truth

Press Release

Location: Hanford, CA

Now that it serves him, Congressman Costa calls for an investigation into waste water dumping into the Delta

Only in an election season with votes on the line have Congressmen Jim Costa and Dennis Cardoza co-authored a letter calling for the immediate investigation into previously ignored waste water dumping into the Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay Delta by Delta cities. Their hollow request comes only after the National Academy of Sciences and a Federal judge issued statements stating the science used by the federal government to shut down the Valley's water supply in 2009 and 2010 was faulty and completely omitted the impact of sewage pollution on the Delta's ecosystem and fish populations.

"Costa has been M.I.A. on this issue for nearly three years, while agenda-driven extreme environmental policies ignored the true killer of the Delta and set about to destroy the Valley's economy and people," states Andy Vidak. Vidak has been a water advocate statewide since 2008, calling for a stop to sewage dumping in the Delta, which would immediately begin restoring the health of the ecosystem while allowing the federal pumps to be turned back up and supply much needed water to the Valley.

"It took a drought -- economic and human devastation -- for Costa to acknowledge the real problem and to actually represent the interests of the 20th District, which is now ravaged by lack of water," continued Vidak, "We have had to make our own noise to draw attention to this issue because our voice was not being heard in Washington DC."

"The inconvenient truth is this has been largely a man made drought, supported by environmental and political special interests," remarked Vidak, "No matter what Costa has done in response to this situation, it has been after the fact and would not have been necessary if we had a strong voice in DC making our case." Andy Vidak is a candidate for U.S. Congress in the 20th Congressional District committed to carrying the Valley's voice to Washington DC. Learn more at

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