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Charlie has no political agenda for the Court, other than impartiality and justice. In interpreting the law, courts must strive to discern the meaning of the language in light of the problem addressed by the legislators and the intent expressed in the law as a whole. The court's most sobering responsibility is the interpretation of the constitutions of the state and our nation. Constitutional interpretation and adjudication must proceed carefully to preserve the careful division of power built into our constitutional framework.

Charlie also believes that courts must be ever vigilant to protect the rights of the disadvantaged--minorities, the poor, the unpopular, and those unable to protect themselves. All great faiths and philosophies teach us that governments must always seek to protect the disadvantaged against abusive power. This does not mean bending or breaking the law, but it does mean that courts must be sensitive when the balance of power between litigants is inherently unequal and must insure both sides are heard and treated fairly.

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