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Issue Position: Impartiality

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The most important quality in a judge is impartiality, the ability to be fair to both sides and make a decision without favoritism or bias.

* Charlie regularly serves as a pro tem judge in superior court. Lawyers and parties must agree on a pro tem judge, and Charlie is chosen consistently because he is known to be impartial and never favors certain types of litigants.
* As an attorney Charlie has represented all types of clients in all types of cases. In injury cases, he has represented injured plaintiffs, defendants who are accused of negligence, and insurance companies that defend such suits. In business disputes he has represented individuals suing some of our largest corporations and he has represented large corporations. He has worked for clients suing the federal government, the state government, counties and cities. He has defended counties and cities in such cases. Some of his clients have sued public officials and other clients have been public officials. He has defended clients charged with crimes and he has on a few occasions represented the prosecution in crimes. He has represented all lawyers in the State when he was asked to defend the Washington State Bar Association. Click here for a sampling of Charlie's cases. Charlie's wide range of cases provide a balanced perspective as well as a broadened understanding of the law.

Justice Sanders' record shows that he favors certain types of litigants.

* In criminal cases in which the Supreme Court is divided, over 350 cases, Justice Sanders has voted for the criminal defendant and against the prosecution 94% of the time. In lawyer discipline cases when the Court has been divided, Justice Sanders voted in favor of the lawyer and against discipline 91% of the time. His record shows that he consistently favors criminal defendants regardless of facts and circumstances.
* His major financial supporter in his last election was the Building Industry Association of Washington, or BIAW. The BIAW has filed friend of the court briefs in 28 cases. In 25 of those cases, Sanders voted for the BIAW position, dissenting from the majority of judges in almost half of those cases. Sanders' record reveals a voting bias.
* In lawyer discipline cases, he frequently votes to excuse lawyers who have violated the Rules of Professional Conduct, or to reduce the punishment imposed on them. Sanders even dissented from the decision of the 8 other justices to disbar a lawyer who sexually molested a former client who was 11 years old at the time, arguing that he should not be disbarred, but only suspended temporarily.

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