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Protecting North Mississippi Seniors


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Last weekend marked the 75th anniversary of Social Security, a reminder of our nation's promise to seniors that we will provide them with economic security and stability after a lifetime of hard work. During today's tough times, this promise is more important than ever.

There are more than 162,000 Social Security beneficiaries in Mississippi's First District. This past Saturday--on the anniversary of Social Security--I held office hours in Columbus to meet with constituents who needed help with pending claims. Since taking office, I am proud to have brought back $2.75 million to the district through Social Security casework for constituents.

Recently, some in Congress proposed plans to resurrect Social Security privatization, a policy that was soundly rejected by the American people during the previous administration, and that would put hard-earned taxpayer dollars back into the hands of the big banks that caused our economic meltdown.

Our seniors have made invaluable contributions to our society. They deserve to know that their retirement is stable and secure without worrying whether their savings are being gambled away on Wall Street by big bankers making reckless choices.

I also stand firmly against recently announced plans to raise the retirement age, which would force millions of hard-working Mississippians to forfeit the benefits they've worked so hard for their whole lives.

My office stands ready and willing to help seniors in any way necessary. My staff provides the following services to seniors:

* Eligibility - Many seniors are eligible for Social Security and Medicare benefits. My office helps seniors determine what services and benefits they may qualify for.

* Claims - We help seniors understand what their claim requires and can make an inquiry into their claim.

For additional information, or if you require any of the above services, please contact Wanda Cox in my Tupelo office at 662-841-8808 or

Our seniors have worked hard throughout their lives and have made important contributions to our society. For three-quarters of a century, through 13 recessions, Americans have been able to depend on benefits that arrive on-time and in-full, and in honor of this milestone, I vow to continue to preserve this program for generations to come.

As always, please continue to keep me informed about your opinions and concerns by phone at (202) 225-4306 or by visiting my website at

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