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Coats Releases Plan for Economic Growth and Job Creation

Press Release

Location: Indianapolis, IN

Oppose Tax Increases, Reform the Tax Code, Support Small Business & Manufacturing, Prioritize Education and Job Training

During a visit to Paragon Medical, Dan Coats, Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, announced his Plan for Economic Growth and Job Creation.

Indiana is well positioned for success when America moves out of this recession and Washington should be an ally in this effort by focusing on pro-growth policies. Dan Coats believes in reducing federal spending, opposing tax increases, reforming the tax code, reducing regulation, supporting small business and manufacturing, and prioritizing education and job training policies.

On releasing the plan, Dan Coats said, "Job creation has eluded the United States because Washington insists on massive spending, ever increasing taxes, intrusive mandates and more burdensome regulations that have shackled the businesses and industries that employ American workers. Such actions create an atmosphere of uncertainty about the future fiscal health of the nation."

Coats added, "My Plan for Economic Growth and Job Creation is an effort designed to reignite our economic engine by incentivizing the employment sectors Hoosiers count on for jobs the most by fighting for lower taxes, less regulation and encouraging innovation."

In order to begin restoring America's economy and put Hoosiers back to work, Dan has called for placing spending restraints on Congress including:

- Reforming the broken earmark process
- Implementing a Line Item Veto
- Passing Balanced Budget Amendement

Dan also believes supporting economic policies focused on encouraging businesses and industries to increase their level of confidence to allow risk, innovation, growth and add employment, are necessary to getting America back on track and Hoosiers back to work.

The Dan Coats Plan for Economic Growth and Job Creation includes:

- Fighting Tax Increases
- Reforming a complicated tax code
- Making the 2001 & 2003 bipartisan tax
cuts permanent
- Repealing the estate tax
- Reducing regulations being placed
on entrepreneurs
- Lifting the burden of the costly,
mandatory health spending bill
- Reducing the corporate tax rate to
match industrially competitive countries
- Providing tax incentives to encourage
businesses to return jobs to the U.S.
- Flexibility in job training programs
- Encouraging lower cost post-secondary
educational options

To read the entire plan, visit

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