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Blog: Union Pockets Lined With Food Stamp Dollars


Location: Unknown

Today, Dr. Joe Heck issued the following statement upon Dina Titus' return to Nevada. Titus returned to southern Nevada from her "whirlwind trip" to Washington, D.C due to Pelosi's last minute special session which left Members scrambling to board last minute flights on the taxpayers dime for a single day of voting.

It took only hours for Dina Titus to express how "proud" she was of her vote in favor of the Union bailout bill. Once again, Pelosi, Titus, and the liberals in Congress introduce another government bailout, to help their political allies while directly attacking those who need our help the most by cutting 12 billion in food-stamp dollars. These cuts leave Nevada families wondering what is next for them, while the Union Bosses continue to line their pockets. The use of the Food Stamp program in this country has continued to rise at an alarming rate for a record breaking 18 months.

"Welcome home to the reality that is Nevada, Dina. During this August break it's time for you to learn about 14.2 percent unemployment, record foreclosures and a construction industry that has lost 57 percent of its work force since Pelosi took the gavel. The liberals running Washington have no clear agenda and no way of creating sustainable jobs, instead they continue to work only in favor of securing political capital and short-term victories. Dina, it's important for you to stop touting these temporary Band-Aid stimulus projects and start listening to the needs of your constituents and hear the cry for private sector, sustainable jobs. This August, I will continue listening to my constituents and learning about their problems. I hope you do the same."

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