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The liberals in Washington have developed a bad habit. When policies fail to live up to their promises, they simply implement a new PR campaign. When the big-government stimulus failed to keep unemployment below the promised 8 percent, the Administration developed "Recovery Summer." After Washington rammed through a government take-over of health care, the Administration launched another campaign to win over the majority of Americans who opposed the health care mandate. And now, small business owners can expect to be the next targeted audience for Washington's latest PR campaign.

After spending months pushing legislation that increases uncertainty, regulations, and taxes on small businesses, The Hill today reports, "House Democrats are planning a coordinated effort to highlight the party's small-business agenda this week." It will take more than a PR campaign to make small business owners forget about the Democrats' job-killing agenda. Entrepreneurs in the 10th District of Georgia are already feeling the pain of the Democrats' health care mandate, and they are hesitant to employ new workers with more ill-conceived legislation, such as cap and trade or the Democrats' record-high tax increase, still pending.

Rather than create another messaging scheme, I urge my Democratic colleagues to pass legislation, such as my JOBS Act, that offers real relief and incentives for our nations job creators. In order to spur the economy, I propose a two year moratorium on all capital gains and dividend taxes, and reducing the payroll, self-employed, and corporate tax rates. Allowing job creators to keep their hard-earned money will protect, preserve, and create the jobs our nation desperately needs.

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