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Blog: In Case We Missed You...


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We've made many phone calls, sent countless emails, and distributed a press release. But for those whom we have not reached, thank you for your support and your vote in the primary election. We are grateful for your confidence.

Since the primary, I've continued my campaign for lower spending, limited government, reduced costs for health care, and for changing the way Congress does business. Voters are frustrated that the federal government spends more than it takes in. They are tired of the high federal tax burden, and angry that government has reached so far beyond its authority.

We've got to stop digging and climb out of this hole.

We must replace fiscally irresponsible members of Congress -- like Mike Thompson -- with newly dedicated representatives focused on fiscal discipline. When I get to Washington DC, I will find other fiscal conservatives and implement changes to the way Washington works.

We will begin to simplify the tax code, making it fairer and simpler.

We will hold down discretionary spending -- by freezes and by cuts.

We will review programs and regulations to ensure the federal government had the authority to impose them in the first place. If not, those laws should be stricken from the books.

We will insist that each bill introduced deals with only one issue, and doesn't add costly and unpopular amendments by sneaking them onto the back end of other legislation.

In short, we will put ourselves back on the path to good governance, and with it will come prosperity and security.

Washington is broken, but it is our city, and we decide how it should operate. The federal government is not empowered to dictate its terms to us -- unless we allow it. The choice is ours in November.

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