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Another Day, Another Marshall-Pelosi Bailout

Press Release

Location: Macon, GA

On Tuesday, Congressman Jim Marshall traveled back to Washington D.C. to join Nancy Pelosi in yet another round of spending. This time Marshall and Pelosi fed their spending addiction with a $26.1 billion bailout to the states to pay for government jobs--funded by more private sector money. This comes at a time when the earnings of federal government employees have jumped to double that of workers in the private sector.

This also comes after it was released Monday that there were only five metro areas in the country where the private sector has accounted for earnings growth in 2009. The only three metro areas with one million or more residents to have increases in earnings and income owed that growth to the explosion of the federal government. The most notable of these is Washington D.C.

Austin Scott, Republican candidate for Congress in Georgia's 8th Congressional District, commented on Jim Marshall's vote. "This vote just proves once again that Jim Marshall marches obediently to the beat of Nancy Pelosi's drum. Instead of working to pass legislation which gives small businesses the ability to grow and create jobs, Jim Marshall rushes back to Washington to vote for yet another bailout. It seems Jim Marshall just can't control himself when it comes to spending our grandchildren's money on bailout after bailout. Our country has lost 2.5 million jobs since the failed Obama-Pelosi stimulus and Jim Marshall just keeps on spending."

"It's time that Jim Marshall and Nancy Pelosi learn what the rest of us already know--the spending is just not working. Billions in debt doesn't work. Liberal pet projects don't work. Endless bailouts don't work."

"Private sector job creation is what works. Small business growth is what works. American ingenuity works. They just don't understand that and don't seem capable of understanding it. The sooner we replace Jim Marshall and take away Nancy Pelosi's gavel, the sooner we can get this economy moving again."

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