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Jim Marshall Wants it Both Ways on ObamaCare

Press Release

Location: Macon, GA

Marshall calls efforts to repeal ObamaCare the "wrong fight'

Austin Scott, Republican candidate for Congress in Georgia's 8th Congressional District, commented Friday on Rep. Jim Marshall's statements on Thursday that repealing ObamaCare is "the wrong fight."

This is just the latest example of Jim Marshall trying to have it both ways on an issue where the people of this district disagree with Nancy Pelosi and the liberal Democrat leadership in Washington. First he tells us that he doesn't support repealing ObamaCare, but then tries to tell Georgians that he would vote for repeal but he thinks it's the "wrong fight," Scott said.

"We've seen this pattern from Jim Marshall over and over again when he has used doubletalk and misdirection to hide his big government and big spending record."

"I believe the fight to repeal ObamaCare, vote out Nancy Pelosi and halt runaway spending is the right fight. Balancing the federal budget and reducing the debt that Jim Marshall and Nancy Pelosi have burdened our grandchildren with is the right fight. Getting our economy moving again and creating jobs is the right fight. I'll vote to do all of these things and my words in Georgia will always be the same as my votes in Washington."

Marshall's previous comments on repeal of the healthcare overhaul, as reported by WMAZ:

"Congressman Jim Marshall voted against the health-care overhaul approved by Congress last weekend. But the Macon Democrat says he won't be signing on with the campaign to repeal President Obama's health-care plan."

-Bernard O'Donnell, "Marshall Won't Join Health-Care Repeal Campaign," WMAZ, 3/27/10

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