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The Democrat Game Plan: More Stimulus, More Job-Killing Taxes

Press Release

Location: Montgomery, AL

At the behest of the unions and Democrat special interest groups, Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the spending-weary members of the House of Representatives back to Washington today to shepherd through another stimulus bill.

The $26 billion stimulus bill passed this afternoon largely on a party line vote.

"This must be the only play in the Democrats playbook," said Martha Roby, the Republican nominee for the Second Congressional seat. "Time and again Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats' answer is to spend more, and raise taxes on job creators to pay for it. That is not the way we will get our economy back on track."

"Democrats in Washington don't understand that we can't continue to spend money we do not have," Roby said. "We can't continue to mortgage our children and grandchildren's future. Where does this all end? The only way we can stop more bailouts, stimulus and wasteful spending is by changing the leadership in the House. We can start that change right here in the Second District."

On the City Council in Montgomery, Roby has been a voice for fiscal discipline, with a consistent record of opposing tax increases and fighting to reduce wasteful spending.

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