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Issue Position: Fiscal Responsibility

Issue Position

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I believe that government should be responsible stewards of our tax dollars - especially in an economic recession. That's why I opposed the tax package and voted no on the budget. I listened to my neighbors when they rightly pointed out that government must tighten its belt in tough times -- just as our working families do. Spending more money does not get a family out of a financial crisis, and I think the same is true for our state. I know families across Washington have been hit hard and that's why no one has been more aggressive about government accountability than me. We need to make education, jobs, and transportation our base priorities while continuing to protect the less fortunate in our society.

I will continue to fight for fiscal responsibility in the next term. Here are a few of the bills I worked on to promote fiscal responsibility:

- Suspending mandatory out-of-state public art projects from the capitol budget SB 5163 (2009- 2010)

-Accountability of government property: If an employee loses government property, they have to pay for it. SB 6621 (2007-2008)

-Cutting the size of government by reducing middle management SB 5939 (2009-2010)

-Privatizing our government run liquor stores SB 6204 (2009-2010)

-Privatizing our government run printers SB 6867 (2009-2010)

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