Issue Position: Safe Schools are Better Schools

Issue Position

By:  Edward Murray
Location: Unknown

K-12 and higher education are the backbone of our future. With every budget, the state is required to spend 40% on basic education. But, if our children can't concentrate in the classroom, then these dollars go to waste and our future is in jeopardy.

For four years, a teenage girl with cerebral palsy in Washington State was tortured nearly every day by one of the most popular boys in school. It happened so frequently that she had continual nightmares and was afraid to go to school. The school continued to turn a blind eye to the abuse - until Ed Murray stepped in.

A child advocate and former counselor to emotionally disturbed children, Ed Murray knows what our children are up against and knows how damaging it can be. That's why he sponsored the safe school legislation protecting our children today - to keep kids safe and to make sure harassment - and not just bullying - is watched out for and prevented.

Prime Sponsor SHB 1444, 2002 Session - Requiring school districts to adopt policies prohibiting harassment, intimidation, and bullying

The largest expansion of protection for students from bullying, harassment, and intimidation in state history. Continue to advocate within the Senate Democratic Caucus for higher standards and mechanisms for protection.

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